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Pelangi Interactive eBook Biology Form 5

by Nalini T.Balachandran

Publisher - Pelangi ePublishing Sdn. Bhd.

Category - School Exercise

Pelangi Interactive eBook KBSM Series provides a range of visual, auditory and interactive elements to enhance students’ learning experience. The eBook offers an extensive suite of media tools, with numerous features that enhance course delivery.

This eBook is suitable for use across a variety of settings, including self-study.


1) Animations/Videos – To visualise complicated processes with detailed explanations to help students understand the concepts and theories.

2) Slide Shows - To enhance content presentation with attractive illustrations and images.

3) Interactive Elements - To enhance content delivery with exciting interactive elements to help students understand as well as make learning more fun.

4) Tips - To highlight important tips for students to take note of.

5) Concept Maps - To serve as a quick chapter overview.

6) Experiments - To help students to master hands-on scientific knowledge and skills, and develop a positive attitude towards science. Enhances students’ conceptual understanding of the theory.

7) Quick Checks - To evaluate students’ understanding of every subtopic. Quick Tests- To enable students to test their understanding after completing each chapter.

Comprises both objective and subjective questions with answers provided.

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